October 21 – 23, 2005

By all reports, it was a great reunion. It all started Friday evening with 23 people showing up for a wine and cheese gathering in the library of the “new” high school at 5:30 pm. Margie (McGinn) O’Malley led the group of 23 on a tour around much of the school. We could have talked well into the night but by 7:15 pm, after a quick clean-up, we were on our way to the LC vs. Phoenixville football game at North Penn’s Crawford field. It had been raining during the day, but the thunder gods took mercy on us and nary a drop fell while we were there. It was a great, hard-fought game that went right down to the last play but unfortunately, LC was denied in their final attempt to cross the goal line and went down in defeat by a score of 10 to 7. Nine of us made it to the game, and although LC lost, we remained dry and the hot dogs were terrific.

Saturday, the weather was not as cooperative, and the foursome that made it out to the Mainland Golf course, spent time in the clubhouse awaiting the word that the grounds were ready. Unfortunately for them, the groundskeeper never gave them, or the other golf warriors the word, and so they left without taking a stroke. Nevertheless, our tournament organizer, Vic Lelii, found some grounds on which to award the trophies.

The weather played no part in dampening the evening’s festivities, as 45 of us made our way to the Indian Valley Country Club. Cocktails and snacks were scheduled from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, but at 7:00 we asked if dinner could be delayed as conversation was spirited with many old friendships being renewed. By 7:15, Tom Francis brought us to order and we took our seats. He acknowledged all those in attendance, particularly those who were with us along the way and those who have passed on. After a blessing we took our turns going to the buffet table, and those who awaited the call, had the opportunity to complete the trivia quiz which Mary Jean Greger Melair prepared. We were also gifted with small wine bottles with special labels, commemorating the event containing not only the school seal, but also all the names of the class members. Many thanks go to Jerry “Cappy” Giuliano, sommelier extraordinaire, for his fine work in this regard. The meals, including the deserts were delicious. Around 8:15 or so, Larry O’Malley, began a Power Point presentation which offered all those in the class of 1955 to provide an update. Two of the more exciting talks were those of Nick Knebels and Betty Kurian McGinley. We wrapped up the evening around 10:15 pm, but not before reviewing the answers to the trivia questions and with Mary Jean handing out a lottery power ball ticket to the winners, who were all of us.

Unfortunately, we received sad news on Saturday about two couples who had committed to attend (interpret that as “paid their money”) but had to cancel out at the last minute. Don Bagin reported in early Saturday morning that he had just been released from the hospital, where he had been for two weeks. He somehow contracted pneumonia and they weren’t quite sure he was going to make it. He’s now home, resting comfortably, and hopefully will be back to normal within a few days. The other couple was Chick Supplee and his wife, Carol. They came up from Vero Beach just to be at the dinner Saturday night. They arrived in the parking lot at the Best Western – at Towamencin in Kulpsville. Chick got the bags out of the car, and as he made his way to the entrance, tripped over a curb/tire stop. Boom, down he went, with his face taking the brunt of the fall. Before he knew it he was in the Emergency Room of Central Montgomery Medical Center (North Penn Hospital) and was not up to attending the dinner at the IVCC.

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(Thanks to Clarence Kinsey for some of the photos.)

Sunday’s events started with 10:00 am Mass at St. Stan’s, and we had a turnout of 30. One of these was none other than the walking wounded, Chick Supplee himself, who was on his way to the airport and thought he and Carole might be able to see some of us before Mass. What a great surprise! He caught up with a number of us in the vestibule in the rear of the church and it was like old times – thanks for making that effort, Chick!.

After Mass, Sr. Eleanor Peck, who heads up the Parish Social Ministry at St. Stan’s, was kind enough to open the “old” high school for us and what an experience that was! What 50 years can do to your memory! Some of us were astonished at how much others could remember.

We left there and went down the road to enjoy brunch and more conversation at Franconi’s Restaurant. It was difficult saying good-byes, and there were many who said that we shouldn’t wait five years to do this again.