1954 Notes

The photo below was taken at the 50th reunion in June of 2004

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First RowMargie McElwee Stauffer, Nancy Fanelli Catania, Rosemarie Ryan Saylor, Horace Duffield, Nora Golden O’Malley, Helen Goetter (not a graduate), Ruth Waldspurger Curley, Peggy Matthews (not a graduate).  Second Row: Peggy Emmett Rist, Joe Keller, Joy Hayes Puerto, Mary Hufnagle Mroz, Nancy Mahoney Liberto, Sara Doughty Steinmann, Joanne Ryan Luecke, Ann Witmer Loeffler.  Last Row: Jim Cottrell, Lou Hufnagle, Bob Banes, Jack Trumbore, John Butruille, Frank Rawa, Jim Kollmar, Neil Migliaccio (not a graduate), and Jim Gerstemeier.

Photo below is from 1963 and includes classmate, Pat Talese.